Able bathing with the Kinemagic range

We know that bathing is a very private activity and if you need help to wash or have a bath then we have some options for you. We can help with this daily activity that should be and less of a chore but a pleasurable experience.  Beautiful rooms and Able bathing options are offer Beautiful and practical bathing options to all the family. We are confident that have something for you our range can be tailored to specifically your needs. 

Various options are available with installation within 1 day in most cases.

The Kinemagic Serenity and Serenity+ range can fit in the majority of spaces be it recessed or free standing

Able bathing featuring Kinemagic Serenety 

A fantastic range of support products within each shower cubicle ensuring you of ease of use, safety and comfort. Style and quality for when only the best will do. 

What's the best layout for you?

Kinemagic Serenity and Serenity +

A high quality, all in one cubicle that has been designed to fit the exact same space as you old bath  

Integrated Safety bar 

Designed to be installed with 1 day, no need to remove wall tiles and make good.

Unique adjustable feet for unreachable and uneven floors.

Our cubicles are silicon,  grout and leak free. 

A comfortable fold-down seat that takes a 150kg 

6mm & 8mm safety glass with a 30m Anti-slip shower tray. 

The very latest Grohe Cool Touch thermostatic value is also included for your safety and easy tap adjustments.

The Kinemagic has been cleverly designed with all the family in mind, it also gives peace of mind for those who seek that little bit of extra care and safety in the shower. 

Beautiful Rooms can help with all of your able bathing requirements

Beautiful Rooms would be more than happy to discuss your needs and wants and determine what you actually need. Again most installations are completed within 1 day. (subject to site survey confirmation) Our what we do page shows you how our process works in 6 easy steps.
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The Kineduo range can replace any existing bath regardless of its position within the bathroom. With optional extras such as a glass shower panel you can position the shower where you want it, so you can still have a shower bath even if your bathroom has a window or is in in the eaves.