Commuting as we all know can account for a large proportion of the average working day.  British workers spend 492 days of their life's traveling to and from work. The average daily commute accounts for 50 to 84 minutes per day depending on the region you live in, so by managing your time better by working from your home office, it can help maximise the hours in your day that are usually allocated to the car or other transport method. Having your own home office can provide you with a perfectly balanced work and home life in the comfort of you own home.

One of the real keys to working at home is successfully creating a specialized and usable space that is separate from the rest of  your daily life space. It has to be functional but still has got to look great too. We know that everyone has their own distinctive style, so that is why we are here to help, bringing your ideas to life for all you working days activities and needs.  Our skills as designers and installers will ensure that your every needs are accomplished. If you have any special requirements or needs for example a desk that can be raised up and down. Specialised storage and shelfing or just about most other things. Our team welcomes any of these challenges and will deliver a beautiful personised working space made to measure  that works flawlessly for you.

Modern Home Office

Modern Bedroomjpg

Modern sleek, simple and uncluttered. with or with handles, recessed lighting and hidden storage. Straight lines and clean bold worktops.

Traditional Home Office

Traditional office jpgA traditional home office often feature a shaker style door with wood grains  and can feature a paint pallet that reflects these style of doors with greys, blues and creams or any other period paint colour you would like.