Modern Kitchen

Modern design is all about creating clean, open, functional and calming spaces, with plenty of room for character and personal style. Modern Kitchens tend to be sleek, simple uncluttered. Hidden storage offering high tech integrated appliances with striking colours and finishes are often featured and mixed and matched. Straight lines featuring clean bold worktops are a must. Our modern range of gloss, matt and wood colours and styles with handles or handless will give you every choice that you will need to decide on your beautiful new kitchen and the exact finish you have been looking for. 

Traditional Kitchen

Long lasting appeal that will never go out of fashion? The traditional Kitchen can feature shaker styles with real wood finishes and wood effects. But it also offers the choice of retro colours for the period greens, greys, blues or creams. The style and colour you are trying to create. Range cookers with matching large extractor hoods and glass doors and dressers are all optional. The thing that most people associate with a traditional look is its warm and comforting feeling when you walk through the door.

Kitchen Layouts

A good kitchen starts with the right kitchen layout. Maximise storage, while creating a multi-functional living space. 

Which shape kitchen do you have?  What's the best layout for you?  Can you change your style and layout?

Common Mistakes:

Wasted Storage Space 

Think of all the appliances that you use not just ones you use daily.

Not Enough Counter Space Considering all the kitchen activities that require a countertop, as well as appliances that are permanently located there, you want to fit as much open horizontal surface area in a kitchen as possible. An easy way to do this is by adding an island or breakfast bar to an L-shaped kitchen. 

Bad Lighting 

Poor lighting in the kitchen just doesn’t work. Kitchen. Whilst preparing, Cooking or just enjoying your kitchen the more light you have in the room the it will work for you. A kitchen typically needs three types of lighting:  Overhead, Task and Accent

Too Trendy 

Latest kitchen trends and high-end equipment may not be the best choices. It may not necessarily be a mistake, on trend colours and styles may have a short lifespan, and as this is a substantial investment look at a Kitchen style/design that is ageless.

Beautiful Rooms can help:

Beautiful Rooms would be more than happy to discuss your needs and wants for your new kitchen. Contact us for more information